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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor cycling?

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We all know the air bike is a good way to exercise. It’s a great cardio machine which helps to maintain a healthy heart. However, there are various types of bikes that it can be difficult to know which to use. Depending on your preference, you want to choose either indoor or outdoor cycling. But both come with distinct differences.

  1. Weather

Weather changes day by day like it may be heavy rain or hail storm or strong sunshine, theindoor cycling bike is always there for you and protect from harsh weather. Though some of the individuals may be able to brace themselves for cycling in the rain, it can be difficult to workout in harsh weather conditions.

2. Difficulty

Indoor cycling has lower impact compare to outdoor cycling. In cardio machine, you’re able to customize the resistance to target your lower body. You can try High Intensity Interval Training without any fear of potential road hazards getting in your way. Outdoor obstacles and terrain changes that make outdoor biking a bit more dynamic. An outdoor bike is more difficult to use … you’re using more muscles when riding an outdoor bike as you’re going through various terrains. If you approach a hill or rough terrain, you have to keep going through it and apply more pressure in lower muscles, whereas with a stationary bike, you can let up on resistance any time.

3. Mental Health

When you’re doing outdoor cycling, you will traverse from different landscapes to look at. You’ll pay attention to things around you, such as cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. This helps you to shift the focus of workout and pedaling out of your mind because the scenery is always changing, you’re less likely to give up. This is different when it comes to spin cycle because you stay in one spot, your mind isn’t diverted by the changing scenery. You have nothing to distract you from pedaling. This can help you to make concentrate on your workout in one spot

4. Their joints.

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