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What are the top benefits of gym balls ?

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Gym balls are the effective way to improve cardio endurance and balance throughout the human body and also increase strength. We often to forget including gym balls in the list as one of the most effective gym equipment, because it does not look as impactful as compare to some other machines. The benefits of using exercise balls in your exercise routine are:


Strengthen your back muscles and spine

Long working hours is common in today’s world as you have to sit on your chair at the same position for hours. Back strains, spinal cord injuries and muscle pull are common issues for a working person. These health issues require rest, which keeps you away from exercises. In such situation, a swiss ball is perfect for what you need to get adjusted to your regular workout routine. The unstable nature of these gym balls gives you relief from lying on hard gym floors or anxious surfaces of gym equipment. The flexibility of gym balls can be utilized with the right kind of exercises to boost the intensity of workouts.

Strengthen your core muscles

Core muscles can be divided into three categories – the deep abdominal muscles, the back muscles supporting the lumbar spine and the lower back muscles that balance the spinal and the pelvic area. The farther the distance of the fitness ball from the core of your body, more difficult is to maintain balance. For example, placing the ball below your lower legs while performing push-ups, reduces the intensity of the exercise compared to when it is done with the ball placed under your feet. This is because the distance between your core and the ball is lesser and thus maintaining balance is easier.

Imparting balance to muscles

The movements of small and large muscle groups need to be integrated with each other to maintain the balance, and to ensure this, they have to be the same level of strength and endurance. A muscle group having more endurance and strength than another group leads to imbalance which increase the chances of having sprains and injuries.

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